The SmartGuide app is optimized for industrial maintenance use cases. Augumenta SmartGuide is aimed at bringing maintenance workers the relevant data to successfully perform all needed tasks during planned/unplanned maintenance breaks. With smartglasses workers can focus on the tasks at hand. The latest addition to the Augumenta product family is designed to keep the breaks a s short as possible, minimize downtime, reduce errors and ensure the quality of maintenance work. 



Checklist of an airplane maintenance worker brought to the display of monocular smartglasses.

Key features:

  • Step-by-step work instructions for field operations and QA.
  • Enriched content for instructions, for example with history data and videos.
  • Easy capturing of images and videos for maintenance reports.
  • Video calls with remote experts.


Key benefits:

  • All maintenance steps are guided making sure that tasks are done properly and in the right order.
  • Don't miss steps by mistake.
  • Help your junior workers to perform more complicated tasks and become productive faster.
  • Save the time of expensive experts. 
  • Don't lose data as tasks and results are automatically saved to back end.
  • Reduce errors and improve quality of the maintenance work with efficient documentation.



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