Checklist for an industrial AR pilot

How to get started with an AR pilot for Industry 4.0 use cases? Here's a step by step list of some of the things to check if you're planning to deploy AR on your shop floor:

  1. Start by identifying the problem in your production that you need to solve. Do you need to reduce downtime, boost efficiency of your processes, are there issues with quality or safety record?

  2. Could that problem be fixed or improved by bringing real-time information to workers, such as production alerts, operating instructions or training material?

  3. Check if such information is available in electronic format; if not, take action and find ways to provide it. if and when yes, you have a good chance of being on a fast track to your first AR pilot.

  4. Which smartglasses (or tablet, maybe a smartwatch or something else) are the best fit for your needs and operating environment. What is your infrastructure and who are the people working with the solution? Latest at this stage, it is good to start talking to a company specialized in industrial AR.

  5. Before heading to rolling out the pilot, define the metrics to follow. You need to know enough about the current state of production to be able to compare against the data collected during the project, the “before and after” - data to see whether there was any effect thanks to AR. It’s surprisingly common that pilots are deemed successes or failures based on a gut feeling, not on concrete numbers.

  6. Get your people involved. Run the pilot in real production environment and conduct interviews with workers. It’s good to know their impressions in the early phases and again later on to see if their opinions change when they use AR more and more.

  7. Make adjustments and repeat. Be ready to pivot, sometimes the initial problem can prove to be the wrong one. AR technology may help you find new and innovative solutions to boost your KPIs even more.

  8. Check the metrics, did the project result in improvements like expected?

  9. A holistic review is a good thing to do, so once more, go back to your people. They'll tell you things your metrics won't show. Always listen to your end-users, they usually find great solutions that you might not see by yourself.

  10. Time for the final decision: do the gains exceed the costs of deploying AR in your business? They often do!

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